How To Install Viva Video App Download Video Editor For PC

On the internet you can see thousand of install Viva video app download video editor  link that will work for Android and PC.
Before you can install Viva video app download video editor, we are going to discus how Viva video work.

We find out thousand of people don’t know how to use phone and edit videos but here we are going to show you for free.

There are a lot of app that will work without payment to save videos.
However, Viva Video editor will ask you to remove the link with a little amount.
Viva Video is a high version of mobile video editor and is one of the best free editor for video and camera. Viva Video app is easy and fun to use, its has his own tracks to use when editing.
The good thing about Viva Video is, its enable users to use their image as a slider video.
Its also give out HD High-definition video quality picture and backgrounds.
To create Video story will not be difficult any more when using Android phone and iOS or PC.

How TO Start Up Viva Video App Editing

If you want to edit video then you have to select the video from your folder then add it to Viva Video clip.
However, you can cut the video which is clip edit.
Viva Video will enable user to add text, FX, Music background, Dub. The most important thing is, you can use the transition, Filter it and striker.
With these things you are good to go.

How To Install Viva Video App Download Video Editor For PC

To install viva video you have to follow this step below to download viva video editing software.

Don’t think is difficult to download or install. If you have Google play store on your phone, it will be much easy for you.
However, iOS will gives you free access to download Viva video from the apple or iTunes store. It will be better you use viva or Adobe Primer editor app o your phone.
NOTE: You can download VivaVideo from the website but the Viva Video app download video editor will redirect to your app store.

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However, create your VivaVideo story and get the best video camera & video editor is available on Google play and App Store.

  1. Go to your App store or visit Viva Video website and tap the download icons
  2. Go to
  3. Go to Editors from Google play, if the Viva Video is not there, then you can search for it.
  4. Enter the search bar and type in “Viva video” the app will appear.
  5. Tap it to install and download it.
  6. Wait for a minute while is downloading…..
  7. Go back to your App menu and launch the app.

If you have any question then feel free to comment here….

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