How To Create Free WordPress Website with Step By Step For Beginners

Are you looking for a free WordPress website to create? Here you can learn how to get a free website with our tips.
May be you don’t have money to host a WordPress website for now, you can use the free hosting domain name with WordPress and Blogspot.
WordPress free website gives you a unique search optimization that will rank you more than other hosted websites.

When i start using WordPress and Blogger was 2005 till date, the two free hosting company remain the best.
But that doesnt mean that you can not switch to customize domain name.
However, If you have Adsense account or YouTube Adsense account, WordPress will not accept adsense, infolink and others.
This can only work on Blogspot, so if you think of using WordPress for online business as a publisher then you need to customize your free website to dot com.

Let me tell you this; anything you want to do online is not difficult, as far as is free registration, is always simple.

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However, after reading this article and our tips you will be able to understand how to create free WordPress website.

After creating WordPress website successful, the next thing is to get a well organize theme and start your new post.

One thing people don’t know about is the area of their publication;

  • You need to choose what you want to write on
  • Have one niche, if you love Entertainment then you have to write on Entertainment.
  • Write on Health
  • Lifetime article will help you for a long way.

Therefore; is better you chose the particular topic you want to write on, so that you will be able to rank well on search engine.

To visit WordPress website, there are two

These are what the two site can offer.

  • is where users can create free blog and pay for WordPress premium and also provides the design, features, and support to bring it to life.
  • will give you the freedom to build anything you feel will be better.
    The offer

    • SEO Friendly,
    • Themes,
    • Responsive Mobile site,
    • High Security,
    • Plugins and other.
      However, you can not create a free WordPress site from this platform.

How To Create Free WordPress Website Without Premium

Follow the step below to create free WordPress website

  1. Go to
  2. On the site you, will see GET STARTED, Click the link to start your new blog
  3. Choose your Website plans
  4. Click “Start with a blog” if you need free WordPress For Premium “Start with a website”
  5. Tap or Click the WordPress free Plan “Start with Free” which will cost you $0.00 Dollars.
  6. Therefore, Enter your Email Address
  7. Choose your Username
  8. Enter your New password and click Countinue
  9. Type in the Domain name you want to create
  10. and click
  11. Sign Up

Once you are done registration, you can now verify your email address and start using WordPress free blog.

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